Delta 6000 BM? Say cheese
The Ilapak Delta 6000, an exciting new fully modular design flowrapper that also offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements. The Delta 6000 is part of a completely new range of flowrapper...
Vertical versatility: the Vegatronic series for cheese industry
Manufacturers and packers of grated, sliced, shredded and cubed cheese will be impressed by the breadth of presentation options and ultra hygienic design offered by ILAPAK’s new Vegatronic 6000 VFFS machine. This top-of-it...
Bakery industry innovations from ilapak
Heavy investment in R&D at ILAPAK has yielded several innovations that deliver hygienic design, modular construction and low cost of ownership (COO) to industrial bakers. These include a new series of counting & vision systems, MAP flowrap...
Drift Dwell delivers maximum versatility for liquids
Following the introduction of its ground-breaking Lux 24 pouch maker last year, ILAPAK has invested in further development, resulting in several performance enhancements and the launch of a new high speed model for liquid applications.
Ilapak enhances Lux 24 pouch maker
Following the launch of its ground-breaking Lux 24 pouch maker last year,ILAPAK has engineered several enhancements that promise improved efficiency and reduced wastage
IQF: baggers that love LDPE
ILAPAK has unrivalled experience in working with LDPE – the film of choice for IQF (individually quick frozen) produce – in both intermittent and continuous configurations.
First full wash down HFFS for the fresh meat industry
The Delta 6000 BM is the first full wash down horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) system for the fresh meat industry. This exciting new fully modular design flow wrapper offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the...
New MAP packaging options for pizzas and tortillas
Three side seal pillow packs can now be produced on a horizontal flowrapper with MAP and different types of reclosable zipper, opening up new presentation possibilities for tortillas and pizzas.