Fresh ideas from ilapak for produce packing

At this year’s Interpack, ILAPAK’s booth will feature a produce industry zone, where visitors can talk to experts with in-depth sector knowledge and see machines in action on their products.ILAPAK is widely acknowledged as the reference for integrated bagging and weighing systems for the fresh produce industry. Living up to this reputation, in the last few years, the company has invested considerable resources in enhancing the performance of its vertical and horizontal produce solutions to offer best-in-industry OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Vegatronic 6000: unlocking the ultrasonic advantage

Produce industry customers can, for example, benefit from a dramatic reduction in reject rates by deploying the Vegatronic 6000 vertical bagger with ultrasonic sealing.

The Vegatronic 6000 is successfully sealing salad packs made from very thin OPP films through to thick polyethylene, LDPE and complex film structures in hundreds of factories around the world - its ultra-hygienic construction and fast changeover capabilities have established this versatile machine as the system of choice for salad producers.

The continuous motion bagger can pack both fresh and frozen products into pillow, block bottom, Quattro, EasyPack and Doy style formats with fast and tool-less changeover. Assisted forming tube removal, a dual film reel holder and automatic film reel splicing are among the features that enable operators to switch between products in a matter of minutes.

Complete IP65 protection is delivered through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame, the absence of any welds and smooth, angled surfaces without recesses. This ultra-hygienic construction enables full washdown capability, even of the sealing elements.

A twin tube version of the Vegatronic 6000 is also available for factories looking to maximise their output-to-footprint ratio.

The Vegatronic 6000 machine on show at Interpack will incorporate ultrasonic sealing, demonstrating how this technology can yield dramatic improvements in energy consumption and film usage, whilst slashing leaky bag rates to new lows. 

Weightronic A14-65: leading the weigh on salads

It will be integrated with ILAPAK’s WA14-65, a dedicated multihead weigher for salad applications.

ILAPAK’s WA14-65 offers the highest speeds in the industry thanks to advanced software, the engineering of its radial feeders, top dispersion cone and discharge chutes, and embossed execution that maximises product flow speed and minimises the risk of product sticking.

Now, users of the industry-leading weigher can also look forward to reduced giveaway, following the addition of a third set of memory hoppers to sharpen the WA14-65’s weighing accuracy.

“Adding a third tier of memory hoppers increases the number of available combinations for the system to choose from, enabling it to get even closer to the target weight. This improved accuracy translates directly to reduced giveaway and cost savings for our customers,” explains Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

With its full washdown construction and quick release parts, the Weightronic WA14-65 is designed to meet the  hygiene demands of the produce and leafy salad industries.

Carrera 1000: no tray, no damage 

Fruit and veg producers in search of an affordable but robustly engineered flow wrapper for packing items such as apples, lemons, avocados, potatoes, tomatoes and kiwis should check out ILAPAK’s Carrera 1000.

The Carrera 1000’s modular design and expandable control plaform give producers the flexibility to upgrade their machine at a later date, if, say, volumes increase. For example, although the machine on show at Interpack is manually fed, the future-proof wrapper can be adapted to accommodate automatic feeding systems.

The system is capable of creating tight flow wraps for unsupported items, enabling producers to do away with supporting trays. Products can be packed into multiple configurations, from single row ‘tubes’ to packs containing two, three or four rows side by side. Full support along the infeed and rollers on the side guides prevents any damage to product as it passes into the forming tube. Once product is in the tube, an overhead system traps the collation between two bars on the front and rear to keep the products from rolling out of position.

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