Ilapak develops map flow wrapping platform for bakery industry

At this year’s Interpack, ILAPAK’s booth (Hall 8B, Stand C40) will feature a bakery industry zone, where visitors can talk to experts with in-depth sector knowledge and see machines in action on their products.Since the launch of the Delta 6000 at the last Interpack, ILAPAK has been busy evolving and enhancing this MAP flow wrapping platform, and will unveil a dedicated model for the bakery industry at this year’s show, along with a flexible cookie wrapping line and a vertical bagging line incorporating vision technology.

Delta 6000 R: soft on tortillas

The new Delta 6000 R combines all of the features of the flagship Delta 6000, including full modularity and ultra-hygienic design, with the abilty to produce MAP packs with hermetic seals at speeds of up to 120 ppm.The specialised ‘inverted’ system was developed specifically for delicate bakery items such as soft tortillas and flatbreads that cannot be handled mechanically.

“The key to handling these difficult products is a combination of lugless technology and an independent motion multi-belt system. Product is received from the upstream process, synchronised and handled through the machine without any direct mechanical action. Instead, it simply uses linear belts running at different speeds to provide soft transfer and create a pitch for the flow wrapper without accumulating the product. A counter-rotating calibration belt ensures that the stacks being presented to the wrapper are of a consistent height,” explains Christian Ballabio, project engineer at ILAPAK.

Prior to sealing, the system gently pushes together the tortillas to draw out any trapped air, a step that improves MAP performance and maximises shelf life.Strong hermetic seals are created on a high speed long-dwell sealing system. The longitudinal sealing unit features patented independent motorisation for more precise fin control. It uses four sets of heated rollers operating at different speeds to create the longitudinal seam, resulting in superior presentation.

The system on display at Interpack will be a wide format model for wrapping products with a 15” diameter. It will be equipped with a Sealstrip FreshPak web-directional tape applicator - a cost effective solution for adding reclosable functionality to flow wraps. Mounted at the film unwind area of the wrapper, this unit slits the film in the longitudinal direction, and applies the tape over the slit, maintaining the pack’s barrier properties.

Carrera 6000: solution for smart cookies

ILAPAK has also been busy developing its Carrera 6000 flow wrapping platform, and at this year’s show, will demonstrate the system’s ability to wrap different sized products in different configurations on a cookie application.

“Since launching the Carrera 6000 four years ago, we have built more than 40 systems for customers producing biscuits, bread, pizza, tacos, chocolate and rice cakes. They have told us that the system’s hygienic construction and modular design were major factors in their buying decision, but above all, they value its flexibility in terms of pack sizes and configurations,” says Massimo Furlato, project engineering manager at ILAPAK.

The model on show at Interpack is capable of packing cookies in various configurations, from individually wrapped biscuits to twin-packs in which the biscuits are in a single stack and packs of four biscuits in two stacks, at speeds of up to 500 pieces per minute. Size changeovers are executed in a matter of minutes, thanks to interchangeable product guides, a removable stacking device and an interchangeable sealing head. 

The wrapper incorporates in-built quality control for detecting and rejecting broken products prior to wrapping, a ‘no product no bag’ function and automatic reel splicing for continuous operation.

Vision2000: realisation of a vision

A complete bagging line for bread rolls, comprising the Vegatronic 1000/600 Open Frame (OF) vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine and next generation Vision2000 vision and counting system will demonstrate ILAPAK’s expertise in supplying integrated solutions for bakeries. 

Making its debut at Interpack, the Vision2000 uses advanced line scan camera technology to count and feed baked goods into the infeed of a VFFS machine at high speed, whilst performing quality control checks.

The Vision2000 offers complete flexibility in terms of product type, shape and size. It can accommodate fresh, par-baked, frozen and difficult-to-handle raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzel sticks, rolls, bagels, donuts or croissants. 

Key to the flexibility of the belt-based system is a powerful line scan camera, which can capture up to 2,000 images per second. The images are overlaid to produce a ‘real time’ picture of the product flow, and intelligent software processes this image to calculate when the target number per pack has been reached. Batches are separated via pneumatically controlled ‘fingers’ .

Whilst there are competing systems on the marketplace, ILAPAK’s vision counter boasts the fastest available camera technology and a unique emphasis on hygiene and accessibility. This is reflected in the unrivalled build quality of the machine, which is constructed from stainless steel and superior grade plastics for easy cleaning and simple maintenance 

The Vision2000 can also serve as a valuable quality control tool, screening product flow for deformed or damaged products, such as bent and broken baguettes. If required, the system can be supplied with an integrated metal detector, which can share a reject system with the quality control module. Indeed, engineering turnkey lines, from freezer to box or bag, is ILAPAK’s forté. 

Vegatronic 1000/600: big bags, strong seals

At Interpack, the Vision2000 will be shown feeding the Vegatronic 1000/600, an affordable vertical bagger with high seal integrity. With a maximum bag width of 580mm and maximum film width of 1200mm, this system is ideal for packing fresh or frozen rolls, croissants, bagels and muffins into catering bags.

For operations looking to switch frequently between different products, the Vegatronic 1000/600 can be fitted with solutions to increase line efficiency and make changeovers fast and easy. For example, film buffering enables the film roll to be changed whilst the machine is running.

The Vegatronic 1000/600 offers easy accessibility for fast servicing and maintenance via its innovative open-frame design. It boasts the highest seal pressure on the market - key for guaranteeing gas tight seals - and is available in a vertical configuration or with up to 55° angled transfer to minimise the risk of damage to fragile IQF rolls. 

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