Manter, IMA Ilapak Italia (VFFS) and IMA Record announce exclusive partnership.



Manter International B.V., leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging solutions, IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record, renowned for their high-end packaging machinery, and both part of IMA Group’s FLX HUB, have officially joined forces in a strategic partnership set to redefine the Agricultural Fresh Produce sector - with a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, garlic, radish, Brussels sprouts, peppers, citrus fruits, apples and pears. Ready to operate as the exclusive distributor of IMA Ilapak Italia's vertical pack aging machines and multi-head weighers as well as IMA Record’s horizontal flow wrappers, Manter defines this partnership as the start of a momentous chapter within the sector. This dynamic alliance harnesses the strengths and expertise of the companies involved and creates huge enthusiasm for what will lead to significant expansion within the market. The partnership allows Manter to diversify its product portfolio, providing its customers with a comprehensive range of solutions through a single channel. For IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record, it opens direct access to their target audience through Manter's established network. The partnership represents a win-win scenario for the companies and the industry in general.

About IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record, part of the IMA FLX HUB.

IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record are part of the IMA FLX HUB, the one-stop supplier for flexible packaging machines.
The recently established IMA FLEXIBLE PACKAGING HUB is where the production of all machines in the flexible packaging chain converge and is where to find everything needed to process all types of flexible packaging for the Food, Pharma, Wet Wipes and Pet markets. The full array of leading technologies in one facility, where a single supplier drives the quest for excellence, sustainability, constantly researching innovative solutions and new eco-compatible materials.
The IMA Ilapak VFFS Division is a leading manufacturer of high-end intermittent and continuous vertical bagging machines and multi-head weighers. IMA Record, with more than 50 years of experience, specialises in designing and manufacturing horizontal form, fill and seal machines (HFFS) for food and non-food industries. 
Both Italian companies enjoy a solid reputation in the Produce market and offer a wide range of innovative packaging solutions - from feeding and weighing systems to vertical and horizontal flow wrappers - for the agricultural fresh produce sector.

About Manter 

Manter International B.V. specialises in the development and manufacturing of weighing and packaging machines for fruit, vegetables, and various other products, with a primary focus on the agricultural and food industry. Their product range features high-quality machines that seamlessly integrate and work efficiently together. With a vast network encompassing 40 dealers across the globe, Manter delivers machines and provides comprehensive maintenance and service in 76 countries.

Meeting a fast-growing demand for IMA FLX HUB solutions, Manter strengthens its position and role in the market.

Manter, IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record share a long-standing history of collaboration, having successfully executed numerous projects together. 

The reason behind this alliance is to be found in the rapidly growing demand for vertical packaging machines and horizontal flow wrappers that Manter has been receiving via its dealer network. By partnering with IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record, Manter can now meet this demand and offer a comprehensive range of solutions to its customers. This response, seen as a strategic partnership, places sales and service responsibility within the industry exclusively under control of Manter and opens doors for the company to significantly expand its market share. The collaboration covers all countries where Manter is represented, with the exception of Germany. In addition, Manter is not representing IMA Record in the Benelux area.
Michiel Eilander, Commercial Director of Manter, concludes: “We are excited about this partnership and can't wait to present our customers with this valuable addition to our product range.” 

The decision to partner with Manter arises from IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record’s intention to strongly focus on the Agricultural Fresh Produce sector and not only on the Leafy Products industry where they are already recognised as market leaders, counting on their widespread direct sales network.
By leveraging Manter's extensive experience and broad network of dealers in the Agricultural Fresh Produce sector, IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record aim to achieve remarkable success and strengthen their presence in this segment.

Roberto Francia, Sales Director of IMA FLX HUB, states: “We enter into this partnership with confidence thanks to Manter's consolidated presence in the Agricultural Fresh Products sector. This provides a solid foundation upon which to increase sales of our machines in the high end of this sector.”

All companies involved hold high expectations for this partnership and anticipate a synergistic alliance that will drive innovation, broaden market reach, and, ultimately, deliver exceptional value to their customers and stakeholders.

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