Doytronic 120

High speed and versatile Doypack machine

Innovative Pouch FFS machinery with unrivalled compact design thanks to vertical intermittent bag forming and horizontal filling stations with hybrid movement.

The new IMA Ilapak machine features an extreme flexibility with modular design making it capable to produce bags from film reels or run and seal pre-made bags from an optional buffer.

Great efficiency due to fully automatic format change over system on forming, filling and sealing stations driven by magnetic shuttles.



• Can run a variety of wrapping films in standard configuration

• Fully automatic adjustable system on transversal sealing station

• Fully automatically adjustable punching system for bottom gusset

• Fully automatic pouch transfer with magnetic shuttles

• Super rapid new recipe creation with self-setting

• Patented system for gas flushing

• Top sealing available with any type of punch shape

• Integrated quality control with reject station

• Completely Open Frame machine with 360° accessibility

• Machine prepared to work simultaneously  with multiple dosing systems

• Re-closable zipper available as option with multiple profiles  and materials

• Round corner punching system available as option


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